Technology Alert Service


• We spend much of our time talking to technology providers, which is how we get our most timely and valuable information.  You may not always have this luxury.


• Referring to his company’s information services group, a client recently told us, “If it’s out there in the literature, they’ll find it. But if it’s under a rock, they won’t.”  That is the gap ATI fills with our no-stone-unturned approach. 


• It is not uncommon for us to learn of a new technology advance before it gets into the public domain, which enables us to alert you before your competitors find out — a huge differentiator for us.



• Here are a few examples of recent tech alerts.

How it Works 

Clients provide ATI with 5-7 key areas of broad, ongoing interest.  We track relevant new products, technologies and advances and alert client to significant or noteworthy items.  We focus on innovative small firms, but also track new patent applications, university advances, research grants, university scientists with relevant niche expertise, and competitor developments.  Our goal is to alert you to key developments before they become widely known.


Provide 10-12 items each month.  Alerts include a concise description of the innovation, key contacts,     and relevant links.  Brief summary of all alerts provided at end of month.  Typical alert here.


  1. Early alert system - find out about interesting new advances, technologies or developments before your competitors do, before a technology is widely-disseminated, published or patented
  2. New opportunities are continually brought to you in relevant areas
  3. You can be in a position to leverage externally-developed technology from a highly fertile source of innovation:  small technology-based firms
  4. We cover all technology disciplines, allowing for cross-fertilization and helping bring opportunities to you that originate from both inside and outside your industry
  5. We are accessing a different network of sources than in-house or other such services. 


Monthly fee based on number of technology areas selected (~$3,000).

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