Sports Technology

These examples illustrate the various needs ATI can meet and the value we provide.

1) Scoring Grooves in Golf Club Head

Request:  Alternate ways to score grooves in a golf club head.
Result:  ATI provided samples to client based on five different scoring technologies we identified.  One of the technologies, EDM, was later deemed by the USGA to be superior because of its “high quality, precision, and accuracy.”


2) Found Expert Sources in Aerodynamics & CFD Modeling to Reduce Drag on Sporting Equipment

ATI found sources from a variety of industries -- aerospace, automotive, consumer products, soccer, baseball, golf, yachting, turbines -- and from all over the world -- UK, Germany, India, U.S., Canada -- from both academia and industry.  Sources provided sophisticated models of relevant work:


3) For Nike:  ATI identified a small MIT-spin-off that developed a flexible fabric that can change color according to how fast you're running, as reported here.


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