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These examples illustrate the various needs ATI can meet and the value we provide.

New Surgical Glue for $1 billion market - Successful acquisition:  ATI identified providers of emerging technologies likely to serve as the basis for promising new tissue adhesives, sealants and adhesion prevention products for surgical applications.  Our client acquired a company that was originally found by ATI, when it was still a tiny start-up, for $340 million, providing our client with the preeminent position in a global market worth nearly $1 billion/year.  

Expert on Side Effects of Migraine Drugs - Technical Consultant:  A client sought an expert on the cardiovascular side effects of the new triptan class of migraine drugs. ATI provided information on 10 experts who had done extensive research on migraine compounds, including efficacy and safety studies, and several who also had studied cardiovascular side effects of migraine drugs. Included was a doctor based in The Netherlands who our client came to refer to as the "world expert" in this area.

Gelatin Replacement Technology - Technology Searching:  Our client was seeking a water soluble material similar to gelatin for use in coating OTC and gel cap tablets.  ATI located a company based in Europe that had developed a patented process that cost-effectively produces gelatin-free soft capsules, and who soon planned to introduce these soft capsules to the ingestible capsule market -- a good and timely fit for our client.

Development and manufacture of a Dietary Supplement - New Product Development Assistance:  A client was seeking outside firms that could provide assistance in the development and manufacture of a dietary supplement. ATI found a company that had provided similar services on behalf of another large pharmaceutical company, and had the type of expertise and capabilities sought by our client -- specifically, able to handle solid dose forms, experience working with related dietary supplement products, and the ability to complete final development of the product.

Taste Masking Capabilities - Contract Manufacturer:  A large U.S.-based pharmaceutical company asked ATI to identify companies in Asia and Latin America with expertise in taste masking technologies.  The companies needed to have the ability to spray acetone and acetone/methanol polymer solutions, meet FDA requirements and be capable of working with 100-200 tons annually. ATI found several sources in India and one source in Mexico that met the client's requirements.

Use of SAM-e Supplement in Europe - Market Intelligence:  A client was developing a new SAMe product for arthritis.  They were interested in learning in which country the product was sold, whether it was sold as an Rx product or OTC, and any sales information we could find. We identified several experts in Europe and the U.S., and not only learned the answers to our Client's questions, but also provided insight into regulatory issues, learned of additional indications, and provided valuable information on key players and trends, including the fact that use of SAM-e in Europe was on the upswing and that establishing a strong presence in the U.S. might serve to drive greater demand for the product in Europe. 

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