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These examples illustrate the various needs ATI can meet and the value we provide.

Softer Raisins - Solved technical problem:  Our challenge was to help find a way to keep raisins soft in cereal.  ATI quickly identified three experts, and recommended that our client contact a professor emeritus at the food science and technology department at UC Davis, who had worked with the dried fruit industry since 1950.  He proved an invaluable consultant to our client.

Global Product Development Specialists - Product development assistance:  To enhance new product development for our Client, ATI looked worldwide for food product development and design specialists.  We identified 30 sources who could take a fresh look and help develop new and unique food products.  Among them were food scientists, industrial and product designers, food product developers, food stylists, and chefs and culinary school representatives from Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Australasia.

Enhancing brand and customer experience at retail stores - expertise:  ATI's client sought a novel means to enhance both its brand name and perception among customers of its leading position as a purveyor of coffee bean and tea leaf beverages via the sense of smell.  We successfully found companies and experts who could provide our client with an enhanced freshly-roasted coffee aroma experience in its retail stores.

Technology Search for Compressed Biscuits - Technology searching:  Our client was looking for companies with expertise and equipment to manufacture compression formed biscuits.  ATI provided background information  on the equipment being used by an industry player, and learned that a company in Australia was making similar products based on a promising technology available to our client.  We also identified eight potential sources of such equipment and expertise for our client's consideration.

Top Trends Affecting Food Industry - Identification of important trends:  Our client was interested in learning what technological innovations were most likely to impact the food industry over the next several years.  ATI identified and interviewed several leading food and non-food related scientists on the subject, including one who listed in a separate email to ATI such key areas as pure pulse light, active packaging, infrared-emitting films, and new microwave wavelengths.

Profile of Breakfast Meals Worldwide - Consumer research:  ATI was asked to put together a profile of what constitutes a typical breakfast in countries around the world.  We relied less on information obtained from country guides and official publications and more on internet newsgroups and blogs.  We  received informative responses from over 100 citizens in approximately 40 countries, from Africa to Turkey.  This provided our client with excellent insight from international consumers. 

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