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These examples illustrate the various needs ATI can meet and the value we provide.

Oral Care - Technical Consultant:  
A client was facing a manufacturing problem with a new dental floss.  ATI located a technical expert with relevant experience in steaming and processing and helped facilitate an on-site visit at the client's European plant.  The expert provided a technical solution that enabled the company to introduce a successful new oral hygiene product.

Allergen Control Technologies - Technology Searching:  Identified state-of-the art allergen control products and technologies from sources worldwide to successfully address cat dander, dust mites, and related indoor air pollutants. 

Test-kit for Cleanliness of Food Surfaces - Sample Retrieval:  ATI obtained samples of a product that were available only in Europe when initial efforts to do so from N. American-based distributors failed -- all within one weeks' time.

Creative Household Products - Novel, Unique Products:  ATI located small firms developing novel, unique, creative consumer products, including: Attractive air freshener balls; a vegetable and fruit freshness enhancer; collapsible household storage bins; a new dye transfer inhibition laundry product; a home dry cleaning kit, and a nickel-allergic detection kit for jewelry.

Product Development and Design - New Product Development Assistance:  ATI identified the leading product design and development firms to conceptualize new and develop innovative new consumer products.  Examples: filter for a shower head, dust attractors, automated kitty litter box, handheld insect repellant for use in Europe, non-aerosol spray delivery system.

Contract Detergent Manufacturing - Contract Manufacturer:  ATI identified five firms that could contract manufacture a "no-rust" soaped scouring pad, and arranged conference calls with each that enabled our client to select the best company to handle the request.

Product Was Warping, Bowing - Quality Control:  A client was experiencing problems with warping and bowing of a popular consumer product due to humidity. ATI located sources that offered a range of innovative approaches, including an engineering company that rigorously reviewed our client's manufacturing process and commonly-held assumptions, and ultimately suggested improvements that created a more dimensionally balanced product that wouldn't warp.

Novel packaging - Market intelligence:  A client was looking for companies who manufacture plastic lids that cover baby wipe tubs, and were interested in determining if one or more could design a lid that was similar to a popular, easy-to-use product sold in Europe.  ATI located the firms that designed and manufactured this product and put our client in touch with the respective European units and with the company's sister division in the U.S. 

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